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January 18, 2018
January 23, 2018


Have you ever felt really angry about certain things in the country? Peradventure you have participated in an argument about all the government is not doing right. Or maybe you are just tired of the pump price, power generation, education, health, unemployment and other countless issues that stare Nigerians in the face. Well, it is time to turn that anger into something more profitable: Money. Just follow the series diligently to learn how.

Now for a heads up:

People say that empty vessels make the loudest noise. This is true, perhaps when a vessel is full; it would not have the time or energy to dance around the place without creating any meaningful impact. Let us bring this home: A wise Nigerian would not walk around complaining about all that is out of place. Rather, he would find his way to the money making class by providing a solution to existing problems.


Try to look at it this way. There are two sides of any coin. The other side of the million and one Nigerian problems is a million and one opportunities waiting patiently to be harnessed. Certain persons have embraced this fact and have done something about it. Now, I would like to talk about Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Carnegie; men who single handedly built America all from nothing. But I wouldn’t want you to say: “Well, that is America and this is Nigeria.” So, I would rather make mention of great Nigerians like Dangote, Adenuga, Alakija and Otedola who are making money from the problems they identified in different sectors of the economy.


In case you are yet to get the picture. I’ll put it in simpler terms. Making money starts by identifying a problem and providing solutions to it. The lady who sells road side food has identified that many people in that environment get hungry and probably do not have enough resources to visit the eateries. Guess what? She gets paid! Beyond that however, I would rather you used that scholastic brain of yours to identify something bigger and think of a solution that the entire country will be willing to pay you for.


Let us assume you just got angrier and you are like; “if it were that simple, everybody will be rich by now”. Awesome! The hurt is good; the anger is a great start. This is indeed another step to your success. Robert Kiyosaki noted in his book that passion is anger and love combined. Mind you, great business men will tell you that passion is an essential ingredient in entrepreneurship.


So for a recap, understand that there is nothing wrong with being angry and tired of the situation of Nigeria. It is what you do with the anger that however makes all the difference. Hence, rather than blab about it, identify the problem in your community that angers you the most, combine it with that awesome love for your society that makes you feel the anger in the first place. And there you are; you have just developed the passion needed to create a change in your community. Guess what? The money is only in a few steps away.


Stick with us to learn more. Watch out for the part two of this series!

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  1. Okereke Ndubuisi says:

    Wow!!! I am angrily tired of my current position… It’s time to move. Thanks to Mindthegap.ng.

  2. Abel Kingsley Chibuzo says:

    Whatever thing that makes a man angry, he is the solution to it. We don’t have to be angry over nothing, there is no how everything will be all well without our own contributions. Let us identify that which we are lacking in our country and work towards them. Thanks to MindThe-Gap..

  3. Austin says:

    Wow… Very thoughtful and precise, Will be looking forward to the part 2 of the series.

  4. osagie says:

    Interesting read

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