January 23, 2018
January 24, 2018


Do you know that breaking-through requires a certain amount of force? In this case, force is the internal drive called passion that propels entrepreneurs to act in ways that bring about result. And remember we mentioned that passion is anger and love combined. Definitely! Ever wondered why you get angry when you see someone you love misbehave? The answer is simple: passion. So let the passion you have for success, propel you to create a solution to identified Nigerian problems. I’ll show you how this works shortly, but here’s a little story to help your psyche.

In the year 1946, little Moshood was terrified about the way his father was treated by his debtors. It happened that the product inspector had burnt down the lorry of cocoa he was meant to supply in Lagos. The most unfortunate part was that only 10% of the consignment belonged to him; others belonged to the traders in his community. But who would believe such a story? Instead, several of them accused him of secretly selling the goods and making away with all the money. They called him a thief and instructed him to pay up all the money. The entire scene generated anger in the heart of Moshood and he was determined to be the bread winner of his family. He studied hard, worked extra hard; and in a few decades, he was counted among the richest men in the country. By the way, this is no fairy tale; it is the life story of MKO Abiola.

Well, that was to make sure you drop the excuse of coming from a poor background. So, forget all excuses and start where you are. You can turn that problem you have identified into a project. Let’s say you are a corps member, this can be your personal community development project. It is a great place to start. Without wasting any time, do your research and come up with a proposal, you will be amazed at the support you will get to not only bring it to manifestation, but also turn it to an enterprise in the nearest future. Are you in doubt? Check this out https://mysdg.ng/. Ok, let us say you are not a corps member and you are wondering if there is hope for you. Of course there is: you can turn a problem to a social enterprise or a business. The truth remains that when you give people what they need, they will be willing to pay you for it.

At this point, one might say: starting a small business is easy but where do I get the funds to scale up. Well, I welcome you to the 21st century where there are many incubators and accelerators whose job is to help young entrepreneurs to get finance, capacity development and other support, all for free. But it would be unwise to kid ourselves; although such privileges are free, they come with a price. They only provide help to individuals who have identified a real problem that they are passionate to solve. Now, do you see why it is important to mix that anger with love to generate real passion?

But just in case you claim not to have any business idea right now, do not fret; there is another way out. You could choose to render a service. This however means that you must have a skill to trade with. So are you wondering what skill you have or want to acquire? Here’s another tip: many businesses are running low on sales simply because their customers have moved from physical locations to online locations. You can help them find these customers and get paid for that service. Still pondering on how to go about this? You can start by equipping yourself with digital skills and gaining certification all for free. Amazing right? Check this out http://training.mindthegap.ng/

Maybe this is a bit overwhelming! How could all these be true and a lot of people are wallowing in ignorance? The answer could be lack of relevant information. So today, you have learnt that a problem in the society could be turned into a laudable project or business. You are empowered with the knowledge you need to turn your anger to money. Now the ball is in your court. The question is, are you willing to take necessary action?

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  1. Arit Archibong says:

    Amazing and true!
    Turn that love into desire and convert that anger to strength

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