January 28, 2018
February 8, 2018


With the National Bureau of Statistics revealing that over 15million Nigeria youth are unemployed; it becomes imperative to equip these young people with problem solving and digital skills, and this is what MindtheGap is committed to achieve. As MindtheGap kick-starts another round of Google Digital Skills for Africa (DSA) training, the Trainers Summit was organized to discuss plans and review strategy for 2018.

This year, the MindtheGap Trainers Summit which was held on 29th and 30th of January 2018, gathered trainers from all over the country. All the six geopolitical zones: South West, South East, South South, North West, North East and North Central were ably represented by Super Amazing Trainers. Participants were taken through a Training of Trainers (TOT) session and required to participate in breakout sessions and other strategic activities.

Day one of the program started in the morning with a warm welcome address by Adeniyi Oluokun. All participants were then required to introduce themselves and soon enough, Tayo Olosunde (Executive Director: MindtheGap) arrested the microphone. As usual, the entire hall was electrified as he inspired everyone and shared the 2018 vision for Google DSA Training. This was followed by an eye-opening lecture on harnessing opportunities in the digital world by Femi Banigbe. He further talked about Nigeria as an emerging digital market giant and shared other great insights.

In addition, there was a breakout session. Trainers were divided into groups to discuss the challenges they encountered last year and share ideas about how the 2018 plans can be achieved. After this, selected group members were required to give feedback before the question and answer segment. Another interesting part of the program was the food session. Permit me to mention that our trainers were not only loaded with knowledge but also loaded with a sumptuous three course meal on different intervals. Day one however ended with networking as trainers were given enough time to prepare for the second day.

For the day two, the session started with a review of the digital 101 training presentation. Although the session was facilitated by Kayode Ajomole, all trainers shared ideas on ways to effectively communicate with target audience. According to Tayo Olosunde, 2018 is a time to really help individuals and businesses to get online. He specifically noted that “being online is beyond having a presence; it is when one’s online content occupies enough space in the minds of its target audience”

An interesting rapid prototyping session followed, as trainers were broken into groups based on their zones and required to come up with pictorial representation of the solutions they had come up with. Finally, a representative of Digital Republic gave a lecture on content marketing.

And Yes! It is said that work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Well, MindtheGap trainers are definitely not dull. The two-day Trainers summit was wrapped up with a fun time at the beach on the 31st of January 2018. Even as trainers returned to their location, many of them shared tweet testimonies of the awesome event. In fact, a handful of them recalled the new buzz word of the program: “Digital Immunization”. Well, I guess you might be wondering what it is all about. All you need to know is that MindtheGap trainers are set to digitally immunize our communities this year.

What more can be said but to appreciate all the change makers in our network who have shown great zeal to create positive impact in their different communities. So we say a very big thank you to the super amazing MindtheGap trainers. And extend our appreciation to Google for their efforts in ensuring that African youth are digitally savy via the DSA Program.



  1. Tayo Olosunde says:

    Wow! Amazing reportage @Sarah.


    So @MarkWoji @Tim I and other that could”nt make it will have a feel of what went down.

    By the way the name of the first speaker is Femi Banigbe.

    So over you everyone to make a comment or add any other info that you felt was left out.

    Let’s do it.

    Thanks yea peeps!

  2. Elijah Otor says:

    What a lovely way to report an event.
    You are such a terrific event reporter @Sarah .

  3. Oluwaseyi Kelechi says:

    Identifying a problem is not enough it only makes a whistle blower out of you. But being able to solve problems is secret to great leadership.

    Thanks MindtheGap for the set skills that would makes us leaders.

  4. Ammiel Evagryn Charles says:

    Great job @Sarah, well done.

    You vividly captured the whole event in this beautifully presented report

  5. Michael Peculiar says:

    Amazing Report on the TOT Trainers Summit. If you could not attend the training this report have given a comprehensive snapshot of the event activities.

    Weldone @Sarah

  6. Olu Davies says:

    The Trainers Summit was an insightful one because it brought every trainer to par with the dynamics of @mindthegap vision, the facilitative structure of the new platform that enhances engagement of both the trainers and trainees. These are long-awaited development and I am glad the administrative body was strategically equipped to make this happen.

  7. Tunji Tunde Ayeni says:

    I felt bad missing out of the Trainer’s Submit due to the training i had on 27th January which required me traveling to Sokoto State (6 to 7 hours drive away from my location). Though my ever amazing Digitalised Iron Lady Maryanne Charles has briefed me on how it all went down.
    See you in S.A

  8. Lawal Adamu says:

    I wish I was there. But all the same our vaccines are ready

  9. Adeniyi says:

    This report explained essentially the high points of the summit and it was well captured.

    Other sessions worthy of mentioning are Jack Ma inspiring video in Kenya and the unveiling/presentation of the mysdg.ng functionalities by Afolabi Olumuyiwa

  10. Olatunji says:

    Lovely, I see greater impact in 2018. Great job mindthegap team and thank you for your commitment to raising a new generation of digitaly savvy youth

  11. Nnamdi Richards says:

    Great piece!

  12. Ammiel Charles says:

    Great Job @Sarah, well done. You vividly captured the whole event in this beautifully presented report.

  13. Joshua says:

    Wao! This is great one from MindTheGap. Congratulations Mr. Tayo.

    Well done @Sarah

  14. Kenneth Ojeaga says:

    It was not just a ToT, it was a life impactful and life transforming event,for both the trainers and the communities we are about to digitally immunize.. Thanks everyone for the commitment thus far.. And kudos to @aarah for the amazing report.. Godspeed to everyone at MindTheGap.

  15. Nkwocha Maryanne says:

    First of all I want to give thanks to God for the journey so far. We started from “Digi “now we here “digi “and moving on…

    The TOT was beautifully arranged. Meeting with some of the SDG champions was interesting too. I’m honored to be part of this big family.

    Wehdonma @Sarah

  16. Labran Abdul says:

    Marvelous report@Sarah. The insights and enthusiasm of the summit remains a super propeller to us on the field(our community). Thanks to the organisers

  17. The summit was a call-to-action and a refresher. The sessions were awesomely engaging. Thanks to PT, Neyo, Seyi Livings, Olabisi and the host of others for making it happen. And to all the trainers at the beach; You guys are awesome!

  18. Udemeobong Essien says:

    This is awesome and super dope @Sarah. Our various communities will of a surety feel the wave of digitization this year. Thank you @mindthe_gapng and Sir Tayo.

  19. JOKOS says:

    “Digital Immunization” wow.
    Heard this for the first time, i think i need to be immunized digitally in other to face the global epidemy of IT and Data revolution.
    Thanks to all the foot soldiers of christ, who hv taken upon them selves to immunize their community

  20. Anulaobi Caleb says:

    Wow! What a wonderful report. Seriously I was and I am still happy that I was there. The brainstorming sessions, the presentation sessions, the networking sessions etc were so awesome. I left Lagos challenged. Seriously, some guys are really good.

  21. Abel Kingsley Chibuzo says:

    Poverty is not really lack of money but scarcity of mentality and positive ideas. Is money really the problem? NO.. Money is not the problem but lack of positive thinking..
    Opportunities doesn’t come but once, opportunities are EVERYWHERE , all you just need is discovery..
    Thanks to MindThe-Gap For given us the opportunities to make positive results in every environment we are..

  22. Emiemokumor K. Kelvin says:


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