February 2, 2018
February 12, 2018


Everybody wants to succeed. The truth is that an average human being desires to have a better tomorrow. So many of us say things like, “I want to be the richest man in the world” “I want to drive the best cars”. But how many of us know what we want to do to make that happen? In fact, a turnoff question for many of us is, what exactly is your vision or what do you see yourself doing in the next five (5) years? Trust me, many young Nigerians will be like, “considering the situation of the country, it is anywhere belle face”. Oh yes! That is the reality. Too many people are living with no plan and accepting whatever comes along the way.


Look! I really love my country Nigeria. As many of us know, my people are great hustlers. You probably won’t find any country without Nigerians doing great things. But let us really look home; the unemployment reality that stares us in the face has made many of us jack of all trades and master of none. So when there is a job opening for the role of an accountant, my Nigerian brother is the first to submit his CV. The only problem is that he had previously submitted his CV for the role of a customer relations officer and that of a social media manager. In fact, on Facebook he is a musician, on twitter he is a comedian and on LinkedIn he works as a botanist.

Do not get me wrong. One can actually be all in one and there is nothing wrong with being multitalented or vast in knowledge. The only issue is that while we try to do everything, many of us do not get to own anything. In fact, it is sometimes insinuated that people who are smart enough to do many things end up not becoming professionals. On the other hand, the not too smart ones would focus on the little they can do and put all their hearts in it until they become professionals. Of course this is only an assumption, but come to think of it, when you place your eggs in so many baskets, how can you even concentrate?

Ok! So when you think of Golf, who comes to your mind? Tiger Woods, right? How about lawn tennis? Serena Williams I guess. And our very own Nigerian music; we could mention the likes of 2Face Idibia, Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage etc. These people are known because they have identified their core and owned their fields. Mind you, they did not become stars overnight. They knew what they wanted; they kept distractions aside and stayed on it. Hence, they developed relevant skills. They practiced until they became better. So, my question to you is; when does your name pop up in the minds of people? What do people even know you for?

While you are still pondering on that, let us remember the importance of having a vision. Tayo Olosunde (Executive Director: MindtheGap) tells us that vision is a big picture of a better future. This is how I see it, when there is a clear picture of where one is headed for, all routes would not look like the way. One would simply identify the most suitable route and stay on it. This is what vision does. It helps a person to focus on something, and by so doing, become really great at it.

Again, we are not blind to the unemployment menace or any other issue. But the truth remains that effective organizations would rather hire the best candidates, individuals really great at what they do. So rather than jumping from one job to the other, it is advisable you identify something you really love, map out a vision for yourself and design a plan to achieve it. In addition, it is imperative that you are known for something both online and offline. Let your LinkedIn page project your core, let your Facebook page affirm it, same with your twitter and other platforms. Leverage digital technology to really project your image. Note that, even if you have to take on different jobs, there should be a road map that is guiding you. And remember, there are too many Nigerians doing everything. You can only stand out when you find your core, stay on it and own it.

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