February 12, 2018
February 20, 2018


“I studied Mathematics and I do not want to teach” Let us assume this is your story. Well, there are many online opportunities you can explore with whatever it is that you studied. In some cases your degree can serve as a background for that amazing digital career and other times, you will need to acquire new digital skills. Whatever the case may be, remember that digital skills 101 is a great place to start!

So, having identified some of these opportunities in the part one of this article, here are a few more opportunities to consider

Online Media Buying

Content has become really important in 21st century business. Knowing where to place contents and the right combination to use is however what makes it relevant. The Online Media Buyer is responsible for buying online spaces for campaigns. He or she also selects the most suitable combination of contents and the most appropriate time to use them. The duties of the online media buyer span across development of strategic campaign plans, monitoring of keywords and bid strategies, analysis of web analytics etc.
Individuals interested in this field should have in depth knowledge in consumer psychology, negotiation and the dynamics of online media. Experience in digital marketing is also important. Other necessities include skills in analytics and AdWords.

Web Master

Simply put, a webmaster is like a master of websites. He or she is usually in charge of administering one or more websites and server to meet users’ needs. The responsibilities of a webmaster may include building functional websites, updating contents on websites, website testing across browsers and devices, website security, management of website users’ complaints etc.
Any person with background in computer science can likely fit into this role. Such person must however have knowledge in web development, SEO, web analytics, and be proficient in HTML/CSS and XM. Generally, technical competence is required in this area. Other additions are passion for creativity, organization skills, communications skills, teamwork etc.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Several organizations merge quality assurance and testing. In simple terms, quality assurance has to do with making sure that the quality of an organization’s product is as intended or even better. It is concerned with measuring, examining and improving the quality of a product or service. On the other hand, testing has to do with checking for fault or any issue relating to the quality of an organization’s product. In the digital world, the Quality Assurance and Tester is responsible for managing the entire life cycle of a software or any other online product with the aim of ensuring the best quality possible.
Knowledge required in this field largely depends on the product and industry as in depth understanding of the product/service is imperative. Generally however, a Quality Assurance and Tester should be able to pay attention to details and be good in data collection and analysis, planning and organizing and problem solving. Individuals should also have great computer skills especially in quality assurance applications and Microsoft Offices.

Graphics and Media Development

In many organizations now, graphic designing is merged with media development. On one hand, a graphic developer is involved in the creation of logos and design of brochures, magazines and other marketing materials like posters, billboards and print advertisements. Digital media on the other hand involves video editing, screenwriting, motion graphics, and audio and video production.
Basically, a Graphics and Media developer is involved in visual communication. His or her duties are therefore a combination of the above. Individuals interested in this field are people with passion for digital art and an eye for great images and videos. Knowledge in Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and the likes are important in this field.

Online Content Writing 

Online Content Writers are individuals who write on a variety of topics and leverage search engines to get their content to targeted audience. Within an organization, a content writer writes about the company’s business on blog, websites and other platforms. He or she is responsible for researching about what clients or prospective customers are searching for, and developing interesting contents that will both inform audience, and propel them to take desired actions.
A good content writer or curator is someone with excellent writing skills, knowledge of grammar and spellings, an understanding of client needs, and love for learning and research. In depth knowledge of Microsoft word, Google Docs, and SEO are also very important. If you are passionate about writing and knowledgeable in the aforementioned areas, this is something you can definitely explore.

User Experience

User Experience Specialists are professionals in identifying customers’ needs and determining how to make their online experience flawless. They carry out research on clients on one hand, and research on the contents and designs on an organization’s online platform, with the aim of improving users’ experience.
The responsibilities of a User Experience Specialist are quite vast. Some of them include developing user online strategy, carrying out research, engagement in data analytics, planning and review, testing and so on. Background in computer science, graphic designing, information system and other related fields will be helpful.

Data Analysis

Data analysis has to do with data collection, evaluation and interpretation. The role of data analysts is simply to translate data collected from research into usable forms that will help organizations make informed decisions. Note that data analysts must be passionate about numbers and have the ability to pay attention to details
Individuals with a background in Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Computer Science and other related areas can explore this field. Specific skills needed in this field may include analytical, communications, math and critical thinking skills. In addition, individuals in this field are expected to be experts in the usage of spreadsheets, analytics and other selected computer software.


The big question now is; what are you waiting for? Many people say that you find results only when you drop all your excuses. I totally agree and this is why it is advisable that you make up your mind and start taking actions now. Kindly let us know if you will like to explore any of these opportunities. And Yes! Be reminded that MindtheGap is always here to help.

• Having chosen a digital career, what are the different skills that you hope to acquire from now?
• Draw up a five year career plan for yourself, identify an accountability partner to keep track of progress made


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    Nice article. These are opportunities a lot of people aren’t aware of yet. Thanks for sharing.

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