February 13, 2018
February 22, 2018


So back to our conversation on VISION, one pronounced fact is that having a vision helps to program your entire system in accordance with your desire. All of a sudden, everything that concerns you is geared towards achieving that desired goal. Ever wondered why when a particular type of car occupies your mind, you begin to see it everywhere?  Or when you feel ugly in a day, you are likely to get insulted by the bus conductor? That is how our minds work and that is the importance of having a vision logged into the mind. Look! It is commonly said that our minds are like google map. The same way the map redirects you to your destination no matter how many wrong paths you take is the same way our minds will always redirect our entire being until it accomplishes that which is inputted in it.

Let’s learn a little more about science today. We might have read that the mind is the faculty of one’s thoughts and consciousness. Well, our thoughts direct our actions. The way we think goes a long way in determining the decisions we make and what we do. Mind you, this is not an assumption, it is science. Do you know that the aggregate of our thoughts determines what we pay attention to?

This is how it works: there is a part of the brain known as the reticular activating system (RAS). It is the gateway by which information gets into our brains. It also determines what will occupy or not occupy a reasonable percentage of the brain. The brain then takes up it from there: Even when one is not deliberately thinking, the information sent to the brain is retained and automatically connects one to anything that is related to it. This means that when there is a problem in that specific area, your brain helps you to see the opportunity.

Let us call this, the awesome theory of the mind. Ever wondered why people recommend that a vision should be written and made plain? It is simply because the more you look at your written vision is the more such thoughts are formed in your mind and when you stay on it long enough, your brain  swings to action. Your eyes are opened to possibilities and the entire world responds to the law of attraction.

Having known this, you should immediately take steps to write down a vision for your career, and life in general. Place it where you can see it every day. Make use of reminders and other digital tools to help you remember. Set timelines and get an accountability partner. And that is the secret to success. Internalize your vision until it becomes a second nature. Because, when we leverage the power of the mind, there’s no limit to all we can achieve.


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