February 27, 2018
Google introduces ‘Search Engine for Jobs’ – No more excuses for joblessness!
March 6, 2018

Google Digital Skills; My Saving Grace…

Whether or not you are your own boss, I need not preach to you that the future of work is digital. You know, everybody staying wherever and getting services rendered and product delivered anywhere and everywhere around the world. Amazing, right? I know. But this is Africa, we really have some catching up to do, I agree. I for one thought it’s going to take us decades to get as digital as the West until our animals miraculously developed capacity to swallow money. Lol. Apparently our animals are going ‘techy’ and there’s no better motivation than knowing our money is no longer safe in the physical office. Guy, we just accelerate our digital pursuit by a million degrees…..
I didn’t want to be left behind, I have a thing for always wanting to be on top of my game. I mean, money must be made and in the most dignifying way possible. So I knew I’d be joking to say I live in 2018 and without digital skills. How can I get these skills? I need to learn them, it’s that simple. The only thing is, quality knowledge is not cheap. There are organized trainings on digital skills, just that they are not hustler’s pocket friendly and online courses are mostly just a bunch of highly evasive unnecessary volume of words. Arghhh…
Then, I heard about Google Digital Skills for Africa. Not like I was all into it at first. I just thought; well it’s Google, no harm trying. I signed up. Took the first course and I was like, okay…, this should be interesting. 48 hours after I signed up, the entire 26 courses are history. It’s a lot of content to absorb, I must say, but it’s absolutely worth every minute, every read and the expensive data. Lol .
It is free! You hear me? It is free. All you need is your mobile phone connected to the internet and maybe a little less time on Instagram. #winks. You know what? That’s not even the best part.
The course has both video content and transcript. What does this mean? I’ll explain. So, there are the videos of actual human beings teaching you all from getting business online, through content marketing, Analytics all the way to taking the business global. But just in case you prefer to read, the exact words of the trainers, not the summary, the exact words, are just a click away from the video. Isn’t that cool?

The content is comprehensive and in the most accessible of language. You do not need to know all those SEO SEM, Analytics whatever before you begin. There are hyperlinks to further explain every single register mentioned and all on the same page, you’re not being redirected anywhere else. Yes, the content is that basic plus, you won’t be needing a dictionary, provided you didn’t play away your literacy lessons. I bet you didn’t. And if you already have an idea but want to deepen your knowledge, you know what they say, knowledge is never too much.

There is certification. Yup, your resume is about to be lit! No dear, they don’t award certificate giving clap-backs on Twitter. You need to carefully ingest the content, earn your badges (yes, there are badges too), quickly check your knowledge and the voila, look who’s the next digital savvy!

The courses are yours the moment you begin till you ‘graduate’ and long after then. You can always go through the courses again and again until you are sure you have mastery of knowledge which will reflect in your skills.

Many words don’t fill a basket (African proverb). You check in to Google Digital Skills for Africa and thank me later. Oh, before I go, the spec criteria just increased by one; DIGITAL SKILLS! #winks Do well to give me your feedback. #okaybyefornow

One more thing, there might just be something you could do with the certificate. You may want to ask me for details. In case you’ve been through DSA (Digital Skills for Africa) do well to share your experience with us in the comment section.


  1. Peter says:

    Nicely written. I happen to have gone through the training last year. And yes, I pretty much agree with all your points. I especially like that fact that Google decided to make it highly flexible by including a transcript, that way no one can use not having data as an excuse not to sign up for DSA!

    But I don’t like the fact that I can’t download the tutorial videos for offline referencing. I wish they can include that functionality soon.

    Ehen, my ears are down to he the details you promised!

    Overall you did very impressive with this writeup.

  2. Going through the on-line course was very insightful and underscore the awesomeness of the mandate we have in our hands to enable Nigeria Youth for the Digital Economy.

    Have you done bit.ly/mindthegapng?

    Drop your feedback?

  3. Juliana says:

    The DSA online training was a great challenge to me, going through the lectures. I became enlightened about the digital world, I was always eager to listen to the next lecture. Saying to myself and even to Corp members I happen to train and convince to take the online DSA, ‘ If you take into practice what you are being taught on DSA, there is every opportunity of you being independent’. Be it a project or a business you want to do, just put DSA into practice. I really appreciate this DSA opportunity.

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