Google introduces ‘Search Engine for Jobs’ – No more excuses for joblessness!

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March 5, 2018
March 9, 2018

Google introduces ‘Search Engine for Jobs’ – No more excuses for joblessness!

Hey there! Have you heard about the new job features on google search engine? This job search experience is the more reason why no discerning youth should remain jobless this year. The good news is that it is as simple as inputting “jobs” in the google search box and only streamlined information would pop up, letting one easily find the most suitable job opportunity that is available locally. Amazing right? Trust me; this is the time to silence every form of doubt that might be going on in your mind now and pay close attention.

Mind you, there will always be ninety-nine reasons why something cannot be done but all you really need is that one reason to try and push further. In fact, it is commonly said that one would only find results when all excuses are dropped. Well, the renowned technology brand – Google has practically eliminated many excuses for joblessness by presenting an awesome platform for job seekers to connect with employers and find their dream jobs. In specific terms, Ms. Juliet Chiazor, Google Country Director (Nigeria) noted during the launch of the project on 1st of March 2018 that “this new job search experience will help the millions of Nigerians searching for new opportunities.”

Oh yes! And here’s a quick one on how it works: When one inputs “jobs” or any related subject as a query, google will pull out a list of jobs gathered from job sites like LinkedIn, Monster and Glassdoor; online portals like Jobberman, MyJobMag, NGCareers etc. and even from websites of companies that have updated their sitemaps. The user will then be able to filter jobs and select from multiple choices.

More importantly, let us take a look at some of its features. First, it allows users to see details of job posting at a glimpse. It also allows one to search for jobs based on category, title, location, date posted, type, company type and employer. And there is more. One can also get to save previous job searches and even receive notifications via email on related job posts in the future. In addition, the country Director explained that the tool also integrates Google Maps; hence, she stated that “job seekers can search for jobs any place they can find on the map, and if they are signed in, they can see how long it will take to commute to the job from home”.

Now, you would agree with me that there are no more excuses for joblessness. Finding jobs has indeed been made easy and the ball is now in your court as a job seeker. So, what is it going to be? Are you going to complain about not having a job or you will simply take action by visiting Whatever the case may be, do remember that a discerning youth is not one who has everything but one who knows what he wants, how to go about it, and where to get it at every point in time.



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    Great news for all. Thanks to the MTG ever relentless team. All in a bid to create decent Job for all.

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