Google introduces ‘Search Engine for Jobs’ – No more excuses for joblessness!
March 6, 2018
#PressforProgress is not just another trendy hashtag
March 19, 2018


The Google Digital Skills for Africa (DSA) program can be said to have come at the most suitable time – a time when one cannot afford to be digitally illiterate. So I’m assuming that you have already been certified and wondering what to do next. But if you are yet to be, kindly chill out and click here now before you even continue to read this blog post. Yes! Back to my digital scholars; you know it is usually said that when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. So let us help you disabuse your DSA certificate by showing you the next possible steps that can be taken…

First, you need to realize that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are coming from, the benefits of getting digitized and having a DSA certificate are enormous and can be explored in different ways. Let us say you are a job seeker, you can simply leverage it to find a good job, enhance an existing one or create a job for yourself. It is as easy as editing your CV now to include the new skills that you have acquired and your awesome certificate from Google. Trust me, you are free to flaunt it; getting certified by google is that much of a big deal. You only need to make sure that you can do all that the certificate says that you can (lol). If you are working already, you can help that company to get an online presence or manage an existing one. You can also use the new skills to do your job better. Finally, you can decide to create your own job by working as a freelancer or setting up your own agency. There are so many opportunities available in the digital space; you can see blog one and blog two for more information.

Now, no one is denying the fact that it is easier said than done. All I’m saying is that there are facts to show that it is doable. So because we are still in the international women’s week, I’ll quickly share a brief story of an amazing lady who from nowhere became a renowned business woman. Mind you, this story is directly from the horse’s mouth during a tweet chat yesterday @DigitalSkillsAF and @MindTheGap_GapNG. In fact, if you are yet to follow these twitter handles, you are missing out.

And back to my story: The lady in question is our very own Vanessa Mbamarah. According to her, she was a single mother, an orphan with three siblings to cater for and nobody to help. Yes, just a regular young lady posting random stuffs on social media before she came across the Digital Skills for Africa training. She wholeheartedly committed herself to learning and after much persistence; she became a web + graphic designer and a digital strategist. Fast forward to a few years, Vanesa Mbamarah is the Founder and Creative Lead at Ztallionn, a creative digital agency that specializes in branding, web design, graphics and digital marketing.

I will gladly tell you that this is only one out of thousands of success stories. The truth remains that it is not enough to just get these skills; you need to put them into use even if all you do is to begin to teach people about all you have learnt. Take action today and make a difference in your life. If by any means, you still do not know where to begin, you can reach out to us at MindtheGap; we are always here to help. And to my digital scholars making heads way, do feel free to share your own experience in the comment box below so that more people can learn from your experience.


  1. Monsour Zakariyah Olawale says:

    Thanks for this,am also a success story, from zero to hero. through @DigitalSkillsAF and @MindTheGap_GapNG I now have my online business,Islamic Materials Hub and I created an online presence for my younger brother now (Spycraft) and both are growing beyond imagination.
    Also, I conducted DSA training at Ilorin, University of Ibadan, University of Agriculture Abeokuta and all are successful.

    Thanks to @DigitalSkillsAF and @MindTheGap_GapNG you people have save soul of an orphan like me who have many responsibilities.

  2. Olabisi Erinosho says:

    Intresting and impactful….awesome work.

  3. Elijah Otor says:

    Awesome ,life transforming piece .

    I met Vanessa Mbamarah last Saturday during the #ToLateToBeNoBody Master class by Remi Owadokun .
    Trust me,Vanessa is very intelligent and passionate woman .

    Thanks MindTheGap for all you do and to our amazingly amazing content curator Sarah,your writing skills is second to none.

    I doff my hat for you.

  4. Adejumo Abduljaleel says:

    Where do I start from .I have completed my digital skill training

  5. […] But if you are thinking: “I am not a feminist, so how exactly is this my problem?” Well, you necessarily do not need to be a feminist to be concerned. You only need to be human.  Think about it; just the other day on CNN, I saw how many fathers were giving their daughters away in early marriage in order to make ends meet. How sad; that little girl child could have probably been a banker, a lawyer or even an engineer and denying her quality education because of her gender is absolutely barbaric. We all need to wake up! This is the 21st century where women are doing great things even in occupations that used to be dominated by men. We don’t even need to look too far. Did you read the post about Ms. Vanessa Mbamarah, the African woman making headway in the tech industry? (Click here to see it) […]

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