#PressforProgress is not just another trendy hashtag

March 9, 2018
March 21, 2018

#PressforProgress is not just another trendy hashtag

In the time past, we have said a lot about being online. So before we go into details about today’s post, let us talk briefly about some funny online behaviors especially on twitter. Do you know that in the name of trying to be visible some people specialize in searching for trendy hash tags to include in their post, whether or not it is related to their tweet or even without a deep understanding of what the hashtag stands for. Some brands also specialize in taking advantage of trends to capture the minds of its online audience. Don’t get me wrong. Not that this is bad but my question is; what shall it profit a brand to create pink designs with awesome women’s day caption and the incredible #PressforProgress hashtag on March 8, without an atom of gender inclusiveness in its practices? Sheer hypocrisy!

So here’s my stand: #PressforProgress is not just another trendy hashtag that should be used without deep understanding or a sense of commitment. No! It is not just another hashtag but a critical call for action. Let me explain how “critical”: The World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report reveals that  it will take two hundred and seventeen (217) years to close the gender parity gap. So now you see why it is important for every one of us to press for progress. Yes! It just has to be a collective effort. We all need to come together to push for gender equality.

But if you are thinking: “I am not a feminist, so how exactly is this my problem?” Well, you necessarily do not need to be a feminist to be concerned. You only need to be human.  Think about it; just the other day on CNN, I saw how many fathers were giving their daughters away in early marriage in order to make ends meet. How sad; that little girl child could have probably grown to be a banker, a lawyer or even an engineer and denying her quality education because of her gender is absolutely barbaric. We all need to wake up! This is the 21st century where women are doing great things even in occupations that used to be dominated by men. We don’t even need to look too far. Did you read the post about Ms. Vanessa Mbamarah, the African woman making headway in the tech industry? (Click here to see it)

The conclusion of the matter is this: As we celebrate our women this month, let us bear in mind that there is still a lot to do in bridging the gender parity gap. The truth remains that it is the responsibility of you and I. After all, if everyone is given equal opportunity regardless of gender; productivity will increase and the world will advance. So as much as we use the hashtags, we must endeavor to get involved in any way that we can. Wondering where to start? Here’s a great place: You can actually join a group of amazing young women on Saturday (24th March 2018) at MindtheGap (2nd Floor, Tapa House, Imam Dauda Street, Surulere, Lagos) to learn about how best to press for progress.

Yes! Shenomics Africa has a vision to empower five thousand (5000) women with digital skills needed to solve social problems. Come 24th, Shenomics Africa is partnering with MindtheGap to train job seekers, female entrepreneurs and any youth willing to press for progress. It promises to be an awesome time as one would get to learn from the experiences of strong African women in addition to digital skills training. Time is 10am prompt and you can reach Olabisi (Team Lead, Shenomics Africa) on shenomicsafrica@gmail.com to get more information.

Once again, #PressforProgress is not just another trendy hashtag. It is a wake up call to each and every one of us. And because we are all humans, we should let our every action from today press for progress.


  1. kingsley says:

    nice, well said

  2. Xtine says:

    Nice one… If all women can be empowered, it would really go a long way in increasing the number of man power needed in this country which would in turn, bring about an effective sustainable development.

  3. muyiwa says:

    Great stuff Sarah Anene

  4. JustInspireCommunications says:

    Weldone Sarah, This is beautiful

  5. osagie says:

    I do believe that the right word should be ‘Gender balance’ and not ‘Gender equality’ which isn’t a realistic expectation. This is because each gender has he/her own unique characteristics.

    • sarahanene says:

      Thank you for your comment. Gender equality does not imply that all genders are the same. It simply means giving every person equal access to opportunities and resources regardless of gender. Hence, we all need to STRIVE for gender equality as stated in Sustainable Development Goal five (5).

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