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March 19, 2018
March 26, 2018


I like art, I like literature and I love good movies. There should be an emphasis on the ‘good’ though, because only in such movies can someone get “infotained.” Well, I mean that good movies inform and enlighten the audience and at the same time, entertain them. In the light of this, I can categorically state that the Black Panther is beyond a good movie, it is an awesome one! So if you are yet to see it, you should run to the cinema at the close of work today. Still about movies; you know, some of them tell tales of the past, others depict current happenings and some others are futuristic. Black Panther leans a lot towards the latter. It shows a self-sufficient and technology driven Africa that although not close to what we have now, but possible in the future, with a lot of hard work and less corruption, I must add.

I would have actually loved to do a review of this awesome movie but I choose to stick to the lessons so that you can go and see it for yourself. The only extra hint is that there is enough action and display of African culture mixed in Sci-Fiction – that’s for the entertainment part. And for the lessons, you bet there are loads ranging from good governance, preservation of culture, management of a country’s resources, even to the benefits of technology. Amazing right? Let’s talk a bit more about the issues relating to technology to learn about its power.

First, the movie clearly showed how technology can be used to drive the economy. In Black Panther, technology was heavily leveraged in the area of transportation, communication and even management of the country’s resources. This ranged from the electromagnetic trains used in transporting vibranium (their fictional resource) to the remotely controlled cars and holographic skype which enabled them to communicate via smart wristwatches. Beyond the movie, most of these things are almost reality in many advanced countries. If we can also pay attention to this area in Africa by encouraging technology-literacy, the continent will advance. A great illustration in Nigeria is getting the right technology to transform our crude oil to usable form rather than exporting and reimporting – story for another day!

In addition, it was portrayed in the movie that embracing technology doesn’t imply loss of values and culture. In simple terms, this means that you can learn great things from other people and culture far and wide and still keep your culture intact. You can go online to get information and not copy all the dress patterns you see. Yes! You can be techy and truly African and this is clearly seen in Black Panther.

And my favourite lesson is that technology is no respecter of age or gender. Once upon a time, being “techy” was a man’s thing. Well, that is no longer the case. Every/anybody willing can be technology savvy. In Black Panther, the technology wizkid was a young woman. Yes! And this is not something extra ordinary. In today’s world, “digital technology” has become imperative and ladies are also making headway in this field. So, you too can be techy regardless of your gender or whatever field you are currently in. In fact, come this Saturday 24th March, you can join us at MindtheGap Hub to get free training on digital technology and learn how to leverage digital skills to drive social projects (Click here for more info, register here or contact Olabisi on shenomicsafrica@gmail.com)

And lastly, I will wrap up with my favourite quote in the movie “Just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon”. Yes! Just because you are getting your job done doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon by leveraging digital technology. Just because you graduated with a first class doesn’t mean you don’t need extra digital skills. The good news is that Google has provided the training on a platter of gold.  Now you tell me, what can beat free skills plus free certification? Mind you, it is as simple as clicking here! And in the same light, nothing can beat a mixture of knowledge and entertainment and this is the whole idea of Black Panther.



  1. Olumuyiwa Afolabi says:

    If the government can focus on youths, rely on them, invest on them we can achieve this.

    Bad leaderships in most African countries may thwart the destiny of our continent.

  2. osagie says:

    The challenge of the 2st century would only be resolved using Digital technology. Its up to us to follow the train. Wakanda Forever!!!

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