No reputation capital; as good as dead!

March 26, 2018
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April 4, 2018

No reputation capital; as good as dead!

Ever heard of reputation capital? Here’s my simple definition: it is the weight your name carries when your field is mentioned. I’ll elaborate with these examples: So when you hear lawn tennis, whose name carries a lot of weight? We can all agree that Serena Williams would top the list. And when we talk about children comedy in Nigeria? We can all agree that our very own Emmanuella would definitely pop up in one’s mind. This is so because these individuals have gained a high level of reputation in the aforementioned fields. And just in case you are tempted to think that the success of these individuals is what has made them reputable; let me quickly add that the reverse is the case. Reputation is actually what brings about success.

In other words, achieving success in a job, career or business starts by building your reputation capital. So, let’s discuss how to build one!

I’m assuming you have identified a career path or business that you are passionate about. Well, the next thing is to really invest in yourself by building skills. Times without number it has been emphasized that the greatest investment one can make is investing in human capital. Again, this was reaffirmed in a recent speech by the world’s second richest man – Bill Gates. While addressing the Nigerian leaders, he mentioned that investing in human capital is the foundation for sustained prosperity. However, as we wait for our leaders to fully take up the mantle, I must add that each and every one of us must begin to help ourselves as much as we can. No doubt there are lapses in the education system; we cannot get all we need within the four walls of a university. Well, someone mentioned that this is the best time to live and I agree. Practically everything can be found online. So, leverage the internet to acquire as much knowledge as you can. Make it a deliberate effort to become an authority in your field and watch your reputation capital skyrocket.

And when you are sure that you know your craft, the next step is to let us know. Wondering how? It’s quite simple – talk about it. There is absolutely nothing wrong in selling yourself on social media. In this digital age, it is important that your LinkedIn page speaks volume of what you do. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the rest are no exceptions. You don’t necessarily have to write the longest posts to make sense. Share pictures, talk about the latest trends, write thoughtful comments, get friends to leave a review of your awesome service, just politely be in our faces. The idea is that when someone thinks about what you do, your last Facebook post should automatically appear in the eyes of one’s mind. Wondering how to go about all these online stuff? Here’s a free course on how to build your online presence – Click here!

One more thing, be consistent. Do not be known as one who is easily tossed and turned by the wind. Having excellent reputation capital implies that people can wholeheartedly trust you with what you claim to do. This doesn’t come cheap. It takes a reasonable amount of consistency. After all, “it’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently” – Tony Robins.

Mind you, reputation capital is not just another fancy word. It is what makes people refer you for that awesome job position. It is what makes buyers of your product/service return over and over again. It is what adds weight to your name whenever your field is mentioned. It is what makes discerning youths stand out and having no reputation capital is as good as being dead!

Lastly, don’t forget to click here to get a free training and certification on how to build your online presence. Also do well to like, share and leave a comment if you have been informed and inspired by this post!

 Thank you.


  1. Muyiwa says:

    One of the things that impresses me besides the beauty and the structure of how you write, you always pick the right images.

    • sarahanene says:

      Thank you Muyiwa for your feedback.

      I hope you have started your free digital skills training. Getting certified by Google is an amazing opportunity and you are only one click away

      Don’t miss out!

  2. Arit Archibong says:

    Thank you Sarah!

  3. Wow! Insightful. These must be a FRATURED ARTICLE and recommended for all in Mindthegap.

  4. Osagie says:

    Building one’s own reputation capital especially for Nigerians is a very important step. A lot of people rise and fall just by the mention of their Family name(s). I am constantly building my reputation capital daily on Business Advisory and Management. Thanks to my family reputation, I have an edge. Thanks for sharing

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  7. Agim Unimke says:

    I can’t seem to get enough of your articles. There are really insightful.
    God bless your work.

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