April 9, 2018
April 18, 2018


So, we know net worth is simply the value of asset minus liability. And each time I hear or read about the net worth of the richest men in the world, I marvel. I probably should mention an amount so that you too can join me in amazement. The Forbes’s 2018 Billionaires List shows that the net worth of one man (not one country) is valued at $112 billion – I hear it’s now about $117 billion. You know, when you hear such kind of money, you will begin to consider giving your son names like Jeff, Bill, Warren, Bernard, Mark and probably changing your surname to Zuckerberg. But come to think of it, how did these people amass such wealth? Now, peradventure you are already imagining how to get the highest paying job and invest in real estates; I’ll like you to look at a great post by Robert Kiyosaki: “The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work.”

So in our previous post, we mentioned that the value of your net worth depends on the quality of your network and trust me, this cannot be overemphasized. In fact, I began to fully understand the relationship between net worth and network when Bill Gates showed up at the wedding ceremony of Aliko Dangote’s daughter. Look! You cannot hang around people with poverty mentality and be rich. If you want to be successful, you have got to be around people who think success. “Be careful of the environment you choose for it will shape you. Be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.” – W. Clement Stone. So who are your closest friends? What kind of people make up your network? Having understood that the answer to these questions will go a long way in determining your net worth, my advice to you is to start making important decisions from today. Here are a few tips that can also come in handy:

Kill parasites in your circle: It is important that you choose your friends wisely. Some friends are parasitic and there is no point giving them access to your personal life. Yes! It’s your life and you have the right to determine who stays and who doesn’t. Isn’t it absurd to have over two thousand friends on Facebook and you cannot get twenty of them to like your business page or buy your product? I call this disconnected connection. Look! Your friends should even be your first clients, they should be your first investors, introduce you to other investors or at least, they should be your biggest fans. If you don’t have such friends, then your network is parasitic and you should change it.

Attend events, meet people of like minds: It is amazing that we live in a world where almost everything is one click away. Every day, events are placed online and you can leverage this to meet people of like minds. Because I know action speaks louder than words, I have decided to take it upon myself to inform you about amazing events that you can leverage EVERY WEEK. Amazing right? All you need to do is stay tuned and watch out for our blog posts. Meanwhile, Tech point organizes Pitch Friday on the second Friday of every month for “wannapreneurs” and founders. You never can tell; you just might get your business idea refined, get a new partner/investor or simply meet people of like minds. Simply register HERE.

Maintain quality relationships: It is important to note that building quality network does not imply taking advantage of people. On a contrary, you must maintain quality relationship with people by giving value in exchange for value. Mind you, you simply cannot give what you don’t have. So, build your reputation capital. Be the go to person in your field by arming yourself with the right skills. Remember, digital skill is expedient in the 21st century and you can get it HERE for FREE. The whole idea is that while you want others to help you grow; endevour to help others grow in any way that you can.

Now, nobody is saying that your net worth will skyrocket once you build the right network but it is a great step in the right direction. Besides, you never can tell, just one meeting with the right person can turn your career/business around.

Lest I forget, here’s an additional relationship tip. It is really impolite to enjoy a post and not leave as little as a like or comment. Learn to imbibe feedback culture today. Cheers!



  1. OGEE CHRIS says:

    Beautiful and insightful

  2. Ibeafu blessing says:

    Nice post…very enlightening

  3. “If you want to be successful, you have got to be around people who think success” eternal wisdom in those words!

  4. ijeoma says:

    beautifully written … minds reach like goals!

  5. Joshua says:

    Great post here! It’s our responsibility to shield our lives from parasite, not because of any other thing, but because it’s OUR LIVES.

  6. Adesanmi says:

    Grow yourself grow those around you. Leverage on your network.

    Don’t just read share it.

  7. EMMANUEL ABU says:

    Splendid! A pity am not in Lagos I would have definitely attended TECHPOINT Pitch Friday! I think its an intelligent One. I hope it gets bigger.

  8. Ola Emmanuel says:

    Awesomely Inspiring

  9. Agim Unimke says:

    I would that every Nigerian youth will read this.
    Wonderful post.
    Your free digital marketing training is awesome.
    Thanks for the opportunity to learn something new.

    • sarahanene says:

      Thank you Agim. I am glad you are finding the course interesting. Please, do not hesitate to let us know if you have questions along the way. We will also be glad to share the various opportunities available when you are through with the training. Cheers!

  10. Ama Moses says:

    This piece carries just enough dose of what an average Nigerian Entrepreneur needs to know.

    Many thanks to the author and the entire team.

    I celebrate you.

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