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April 26, 2018
July 30, 2018


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Dear Trainer,

We commend the good job you have been doing training the vast population of Nigerian young people and job seekers on the many opportunities that the digital provide and how they can rightly position themselves to maximize the booming economy, one to fight the surging rate of unemployment and also to equip them for continual relevance for the jobs of the future. There is just so much we wouldn’t be able to do without you.

It is our belief that we all are clear on our mission to invest in great minds to do great things. We remain dauntless in our commitment to inform, inspire and involve the Nigerian youths in the digital economy by opening them to new knowledge which comes with a whole lot of new opportunities. What better platform to reach these great minds than through the National Youth Service Commission?

As we prepare to engage the new set of Prospective Corp Members (PCM), we thought to bring us all on the same page as regards our approach for the coming camp engagement. Shall we?



Please read out loud to yourself; “IT IS A MISSION MAXIMUM IMPACT!” Don’t mind people around who might not understand, say it out loud again; “IT IS A MISSION MAXIMUM IMPACT!” Right. We really need to all know that we are set out to impact our audience.

It would be an absolute waste of time if after our engagement with these great minds, we do not harvest many inspiring success stories of how they are in pursuit of career in digital marketing, how they have built digital start-ups, how it is helping them advance in their chosen careers and how they have been able to advocate for their community.

Because we are so interested in how our engagement pushes them to action, after series of active brainstorming, we decided having a singular engagement model across all 37 camps would be a great idea.



Working in line with our mission maximum impact, here are the three 3 steps we really want all trainers to take their audience through.


  • Inform – As much as we are aware that our audience are millennials who are mostly in tune with some form of digital, we would not assume that they are indeed aware of the massive digital opportunities. So, we have to make effort to inform them of offers digital present to them especially as soon-to-be active job seekers.

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  • Inspire – What they do with the information given to them lies largely on how well they are inspired. It is a point of duty to inspire them. A good way would be to tell success stories of how digital skills has made people upwardly mobile on the social ladder. It is great if you could use your own story.

  • Involve – It’s good to show someone the way but way better to lead them! Do take quality time during training to lead trainees to the GDS online training platform and work them through the first 10 lessons.

Kindly note that from this coming camp alone, we are targeting raising a minimum of 10,000 success stories across the country. Mere teaching of the slides we believe, may not be able to achieve this, and that is why it is important to actually inspire the and get them involved right during your session. We have also tweaked the training slides to better serve the goals.

The next three (3) posts, starting with this one, are dedicated to reviewing the slides with us and we implore that you follow the posts and engage us with your thoughts.

The entire office team is on standby to help you with what you think you may need to make this camp engagement of maximum impact.

Now, you don’t want to go without dropping your comment on what you think may work in the comment section. We anticipate reading your thoughts.


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  2. KENNETH OGWO says:

    This is awesome and inspiring, with the new link now in getting the Google certification I know many will be ready to grab the opportunities. We are ready and willing to do our very best to impact on the Corp members and how to implement and also guide them achieve the best

  3. Gabriel Jimoh says:

    Nice work team! Moving forward I suggest the trainer should use one for the CMs account as the sample of 10 lesson and also every of the CM in that particular trainers training should follow through as he’s doing his on the screen. So that it will not just be a copy and paste session the trainer should explain why that answer is correct by putting it in a familiar real life scenario. Thanks.

  4. Wow! I’m ready for MISSION MAXIMUM IMPACT. Bring it on!

  5. Ammiel Evagryn Charles says:

    The mission is clear, well done MTG Team. Looking forward to the follow up posts as I prepare for the MMI

  6. Akpem Terese Shadrach says:

    With the numerous opportunities available on the web and by going digital, the only regret for everyone would be “I wish I started sooner”.
    I am ready to inspire and impact.
    MindTheGap is doing an amazing job and i am happy to be part of the team.

  7. Ayoola says:

    This is a really nice write up. Now about raising 10,000 success stories… is there a time frame?

  8. Phelitz Ville says:

    I Feel Maximally Impacted By This Post. Let’s Take This To Camp Already. Proud To Be Part Of This Great Digital Revolution. Awesome Work Team, We Are Better By The Day.

  9. Kelechi says:

    Nice mission

  10. Oluwaferanmi says:

    Fantastic innovative strategy for digital baptism… Oya make we go leave no one behind

  11. kayode Ajomole says:


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