July 30, 2018
July 30, 2018


Following our previous post on our mission to engage the coming NYSC camp and achieve maximum impact, this post is dedicated to giving meaning to each slide of the presentation which has been tailored towards the objective to inform, inspire and involve.

Do follow through the slides and do not forget to drop your comments when you are done.

Let’s begin with the slide above. This is a brief introduction of the entire project, the focus of this slide is really not to bore the audience on how many people Google has trained and how many more to train. The message here is on how important digital skills acquisition is that a global brand like Google has taken it upon themselves to empower young people with this skill and how much of a privilege it to be beneficiaries.

The next slide is very important. Trainers are encouraged to spend quality time to explain what is obtainable at the end of the training for each attendee. They are Corp member, by the end of their service year, they are either going to seek employment or start up their own stuff. Let them know here the diverse ways digital skills could help their career goals.


Marketing is an integral part of every establishment either profit driven or not. Brands always have the need to project their products, services and or opinions. It is however not enough to project, it is more important that the right people (target audience) become aware of these projections and at the right time. This is the basis for the introduction of the comparison between traditional and digital marketing. Emphasis is on the limitations of traditional marketing.

Having engaged on traditional marketing and the best it could offer, training moves to introducing digital marketing (which they already probably are also aware of) by sighting examples across different digital platform and a quick check on how traditional and digital marketing are different.

The previous slides is believed to have established the need for everyone to be online and actively so to be able to promote the essence of their brand to the target audience. This slide and a few to follow speak, in statistical terms, the opportunities in the digital world.

These statistical slides contain very important information on the present facts about the digital and even its future possibilities. The slide on digital around the world presents the world population and figures of different digital use. From this slide, only 53% of the world’s 7.593 billion fast growing population use the internet and even so, just 42% are active social media users. In times to come therefore, putting aside the general population growth, there will be more people coming online which further creates more opportunities for brands to flourish.

The other is statistics of Nigeria population and internet usage. Just as it is with the world and even quite worse in percentage, vast Nigerian population are not yet online and even those online, only few are actively making use of the digital space. Simply put, the Nigerian cyber space is not even half full yet and as many more people join the chariot, the more viable economic opportunities there will be.

In the next post, we would explore more slides including career opportunities in digital, job search with Google and how to stay safe online.


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  3. Michael Peculiar says:

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    Insightful And Super Amazing… Bring It On!

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      Hello Salisu, do you mean you want to begin your digital skills training? Kindly follow bit.ly/mtgng to begin your course.

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    Please I want to begin my digital training here how do l go about it?

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    Digital business is one very fast link to promote entrepreneurship and develop one’s economy. This is a very much welcome idea.

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