July 30, 2018
July 30, 2018

Welcome to the second part of Google digital skills training slides review. In case you haven’t, catch up with the first part here.  If you have, let’s keep going.


Saying rumor has it that digital breakthrough as taken away many jobs would be untrue, it is the reality. Many jobs have gone extinct and more will join, going by the rate of technological advancement but do they know that even more jobs are being created?

This is a slide to spend quality time. It is important  to let  them know the many career opportunities that the digital provides aside generally marketing products, services and or brands. They should know that there are areas to specialist and build a career on and especially how these career options are open to all, irrespective of their educational background.

These slides further clarify on who can pursue a career in digital which is basically anyone and everyone. Do stress it to them that they do not need a background in science since they apparently already have a university degree or at least an equivalent.


By now, questions on ‘how to’ would have risen in the hearts of the corp members. The how is simple, it begins with a simple click on bit.ly/mtgng. Kindly take time to ensure that as many as possible actually sign in to the online course during this session and take a few lessons.

Having gotten them started, these following slides explains Google job search feature. It is a good point to also take some time to explore the feature. Trainer should endeavour to search for jobs around training location or trainees suggested location to show them exactly how it works.

Going online and being active there is all sweet until cyber troubles happen. While promoting maximum use of the internet, it is also important to keep trainees equipped with how they can stay safe while going about their businesses online and these slides help do justice to that.


Again, being online can only be for as long as there is data. While internet users will need to invest in data, Google wants to help make sure that data purchased is optimized. Every job seeker would want to save as much data as possible. So, here is telling them about datally and becoming their data saving hero.

Another very much needed app is Google Files Go. This is a solution to mobile memory space which most, if not all job seekers would be able to relate to.  Trainers should explain how the app works and emphasis why all trainees need to download it.

Here is Google Go, another amazing app to get. Brings all your Google business to you in a whole new fun way and the best part is that it works well even with unstable network connections and it saves data!

We are here again. During the social media break, trainees should be encouraged to follow DigitalSkillsAF on their different social media platforms as well as Mindthegapng and of course, another opportunity to ensure that they actually sign up to begin their online course.

It’s about to get even more interesting! Check the next post to explore all about social media and content marketing.


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  2. Phelitz Ville says:

    Awesome Read. Very Detailed.

  3. Prince Uruakpa says:

    This is becoming more interesting and the introduction of these Apps makes it more exciting mostly the Google go app as most of them will be posted to rural areas and suburbs as their PPAs, so encountering an unstable network connection is almost a predictable outcome. Am certain they’ll embrace it wholeheartedly.

  4. Tina bafarcy says:

    This is wonderful I think I should try this

  5. Uche Udochukwu Stephanie says:

    NS/10.prsently I’m posted in nasarawa though don’t really want to stay here cos I need a job that will keep me busy 24/7,now this website flyersis being shared as I’m chatting and being explained,i still don’t really get what is all about, where can I read much about this and be convinced enough of what is all about and how it will be of help to us as well. Thank you.

  6. christopher christiana christopher says:

    Is really educative

  7. christopherchristiana says:

    Educative course

  8. egwu Elijah says:

    i like this page
    it interesting

  9. Sirajo isah says:

    Goggle digital skills training held #sokoto, in udusok. Is so interesting program.may Allah bless our career

  10. Jerry D. Cole says:

    Hey let my hi to Adejoke and the rest of the guys who came to Liberia to us(the youths) in the digital world.

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