July 30, 2018

Welcome back from the social media break. You don’t know about  the break? Click here.

Now, let’s get a little deeper, shall we? Social media is many things including real business platform. These part carefully, in very simple terms, explain all to know about making the most use of social media.

These slides explain social media and plan to effectively run a social media campaign as against random ‘noise’ posts. Trainer should kindly, with practical examples, take trainees through running a social media campaign. Note that SMART stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.

Now that they know how to run campaigns (create content), they also should know how to market their content and these slides do justice to that. The basic lesson here is how to make money off their content.

Still on advertising. These slides go ahead to explain different ways to advertise, how they work and why. It especially talk about Search Engine Marketing and the process to follow. Do carefully explain this as job seekers can build a career in SEM alone.

Not  only SEM, there is display advertising and here’s how it works including examples. Do take time to explain the differences between display advertising and SEM so as not to get job seekers confused.

Remember the objectives of this training includes encouraging them to build a digital start up? Right. Here is all they need to know about building their own digital start ups, best practices including how to find new clients  and what to include in their pitch presentation. There is no climax until here. This would be the moment to motivate them even more with success stories of people who have walked or are working this path.

This training should never end without leading them to the right direction. All the support they need is online and we are happy to show them the way. Nothing to rush to from here, so trainers should ensure that every trainee they can get to, gets started and. a walk through the first few lessons would be terrific!

In all, how much trainees learn is not just from the slides, it is much more from the depth of the trainer’s knowledge. All trainers are therefore firmly encouraged to deepen their knowledge and sharpen their communication skills so that each training would achieve its maximum impact.

We can’t wait to read your thoughts and observations in the comment session.



  1. KENNETH OGWO says:

    This was really detailed and breaken down to fix anyone understanding. Am impressed As every guideline and information to kick start is shown.

  2. Elijah Otor says:

    This is awesome.

    For me, the content here is rich.

    Now, we have to put into cognizance, network challenges that different trainers might face, although this depends on his/her locality.
    what do we do? knowing that the internet is key to getting them signed up as we did during the SDGS project.


  3. Victor Abel Ibrahim says:

    After carefully going through all 3 post, I must confess we are IN. It is really a Mission Maximum Impact project!

    I will suggest trainers enquire about the network status of our camps as some camps are located deep in LGAs with poor network service and identity which network works best. So even if trainees are having issues with internet, we can still give a good guide.

  4. Abdullahi Hamza Okai says:

    Very concise but rich content there, can’t wait to get the slides in Ppt format. Nice synopsis

  5. Udemeobong Essien says:

    Great content. There will be obvious challenges of network connection among the cm but it is doable, we’ll just have to devise means to achieve the deliverables

  6. Prince Uruakpa says:

    Fantastic content easily laid out with an enticing implementation strategy.

  7. Ammiel Evagryn Charles says:

    Wow, you nailed it there! Deepening our knowledge and communication skills is key; I trust we are able to do justice to this to enable us drive maximum impact.
    Thank you.

  8. Ammiel Evagryn Charles says:

    Explicitly written, thank you very much.

  9. Ajibade Samuel says:

    Wonderful I can’t wait to get started

  10. Bashir mohammed says:

    The important systems can not over enpha. with out computer things can not simple

  11. Yusuf Ola says:

    You are welcome

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