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In its conclusion, the World Economic Forum – (WEF) September 2022 article on “Why Africa’s youth hold the key to its development potential”, says “Much has been said about Africa as the land of promise and opportunity: precious natural resources, geo-strategic positioning, or investment potential. While true, these insights often forget to consider our continent’s most valuable asset by far: young Africans. Only through embracing their drive can Africa truly reach its potential”.The report says “When it comes to creating value, Africa’s youth is anything but passive. The millennial generation has lived through the continent’s meteoric rise in mobile and internet penetration rates.

Today, African youths are increasingly taking an active role in shaping their future…In the majority of cases, these businesses are spearheaded by Africans under the age of 35. In fact, 2021 was a record-breaking year for Africa’s start-up scene, which secured over $2 billion in funding. The question is: How can the continent’s social engineers adapt their models to further catalyze this innovation?

This is what MindtheGap’s Digital Skill Training and the Inter-platoon Debate are all about.

So, STEP UP and join the Digital Onboarders CDS in your State, or sign up for the On-the-Job Digital Onboarder Role in a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), and make the most of your service year: www.mindthegap.ng/mynysc

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