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Young people Not in Education, Employment and Training (YNEET) and OnTheJob Programme Explained

The term “YNEET” refers to Young people who are Not in Education, Employment, and Training. YNEET are mostly underserved, and for diverse reasons, are unemployed or underemployed. Some YNEET may have dropped out of school, while others may have completed their education but are unable to find a job. Still others may be working in informal sectors of the economy, such as street trading, subsistence farming, etc.

OnTheJob, an initiative of MindtheGap Nigeria seeks to empower YNEET with 21st Century relevant digital skills needed to obtain jobs or start their own businesses, and support MSMEs across Nigeria for economic growth.

The average population of YNEET in Nigeria is not yet known, as there is no official data on this group. However, a 2022 survey by the National Bureau of Statistics estimated that there were 60 million young people (aged 15-35) in Nigeria, of whom 25% were unemployed. This suggests that there could be around 15 million YNEETs in Nigeria. OnTheJob provides training in Digital Business Management, Graphics Design, Programming, Product Management, Mentorship, Internship, and access to many digital tools for business.

The high number of YNEET in Nigeria is a major problem, as it has a number of negative consequences for the country. YNEET are more likely to be poor, involved in crime, and have mental health problems. They are also less likely to participate in civic activities and to contribute to the economy. To this end OnTheJob is undoubtedly a timely initiative that should be supported with all it takes to achieve its goals and objectives by other Corporate Organisations in addition to the efforts being made by the Nigerian Government.

Target Beneficiaries who are Young people must seize this opportunity to acquire state of the arts skills and possess values that would change their directive. To remain in the category of YNEET while OnTheJob Programme is being executed indicates lack of self-will. This should not be the case with any Young Nigerian at the moment; every YNEET should get on the job!

2 thoughts on “Young people Not in Education, Employment and Training (YNEET) and OnTheJob Programme Explained”

  1. This project is a welcome development.
    Though I am a school graduate, I lack digital marketing skills that will enable me set up my own business and become self employed.
    For this reason I have enrolled to be part of YNEET and I hope to make the best out of it.
    So far, I have completed my online course and earned a certificate in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. I am looking forward to putting the knowledge gained into practice.

    May God bless the Founder of MindTheGapNg.
    May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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